What content is was Microtel looking for?

Everybody is was invited to express themselves with any number of Teletext Artworks featuring graphics or text. They can be art of any sort: portraits, tags, shout-outs, advertisements for bands or CD’s, investigations in narrative minimalism, recipes, comics, stories, fantasy pieces, operating instructions, calls for help, your latest hi score results, what you wanted for Christmas and what you really got, everything you own from IKEA, things relating to micromusic or not, conceptual work, funny work, minimal pieces, maxed out pieces. At the moment they can They could only be single pages - series of pages that will work as a slow motion animation or movie may be possible but haven't been tested yet. were not possible.

Paul and Emma are still interested in viewing teletext art works. You can still email them to us.

The general limitations are were:
The work must be presented in the way required by the stations technical specifications outlined in our technical information.
Please be aware that this project will be viewed by the wider community - in galleries, in homes and potentially by people of all ages, including children. Content must also meet with NOS broadcasting guidelines. Microtel prefers you push the boundaries of the medium teletext than use shock tactics with explicit content.
FINAL DEADLINE for submissions is 4 FEBRUARY as Microtel's last day of broadcast is 5 Feburary. However we recomend that you get us your teletext pages well before then because the later they are submitted, the greater the chance that there won't be enough airtime left to show them.

The limitations for animations are were:
>> 19.01.06 UPDATE: We heard today we are not able to broadcast animations on NOS. We would still love to receive animations from people who make them though just to see what designs people come up with!

The work will be is published under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5. You can view what this means here.

Due to the NOS station limitations, we may be were unable to broadcast all submissions, although we planned to get as many works shown as possible during the time we have had allotted. Submissions will also be put online at the Microtel website, digital culture magazine SCEEN will feature works from the project in an upcoming issue on DVD, and they may be included on a documentary DVD to be screened at an ongoing exhibition after Microtel ends.

Regarding broadcast schedules, things are developing all the time. Check view submissions for more information the documented broadcast schedule.