Technical Information.

To create teletext pages for Microtel you need to use a software called CebraText. CebraText is a free teletext editor made by a Danish company called Cebra. It runs on Windows 9X,NT,2K & XP. We couldn't find a teletext editor that runs on Mac. CebraText is not the software that NOS uses but Paul wrote a converter for it so that Microtel can use CebraText files for broadcast.

Download the Cebra Teletext Editor Installer here. It comes as a simple installation wizard.

Paul has written a basic tutorial for using the Cebra Teletext Editor here. [Use right click and SAVE AS... to save it on your computer.] HTML version here.
Emma is in the process of writing some "Quick Start / Dummy Guides" for the Cebra Text Editor. Check the technical updates below for the latest guide.

General Info To Get Started:
1. At the moment we have not tested subpages/animations so please only submit single teletext pages
2. Your teletext pages must be saved in CebraText's "971 Format (*.ttv)"
3. Submit your *.ttv files to us at the address below

Email your pages to us at You may also email questions about using the Cebra Teletext Editor but please read the tutorial first as most questions will be answered there.

You will be able to contact Microtel between 25 January and 05 February 2006 at our SKYPE IT help desk.
username : vbi_lounge

Technical Updates:

Lektrogirl's "Quick Start / Dummy Guides" to Cebra Teletext Editor.
1] How to import bitmaps [a quick way to get images into your teletext file.]
2] Mac users who want to submit to the Microtel project, here is a way you might want to try, only it is probably more labourious than installing Virtual PC and then installing Cebra Teletext Editor.