Welcome to micromusic teletext television ! !
Microtel is WAS BROADCASTING on Nederlands 1, 2 & 3 NOS Teletext pages 450 - 455!!!
You can also view the emulated teletext at http://teletekst.nos.nl

This new channel is was called Microtel. The station managers are were artists Emma Davidson [Lektrogirl] and Paul B. Davis from Lektrolab. Microtel teletext programs will be were broadcast by NOS, Netherlands public television.

Microtel is was one of the projects curated by ambientTV.net as part of VBI [voluptuously blinking eye] - a submission for the exhibition "Satellite of Love" . This project is was presented by the 35th International Film Festival Rotterdam in association with Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art and the TENT Centre for Visual Arts. The station runs from 26 January to 05 February 2006, but a DVD simulation will run in the gallery until the exhibition close on 26 March 2006.

Up until 04 February 2006, you will be were able to create teletext and email it to Microtel for inclusion on this website, a DVD to be distributed by SCEEN magazine and most importantly broadcast on Netherlands TV station NOS. Check technical information for software downloads and FAQ's to contribute today!

During 26 January to 05 February 2006, you will be were able to visit the VBI Lounge and learn how to create teletext content. Until 26 march 2006 you can view the DVD simulation of Microtel instead. Check workshops for the schedule and see what other activities will be were taking place in the VBI Lounge. Check contact us to find your way to the VBI Lounge in Rotterdam.