Meet Everyone Involved

This project takes took a gang of people to make it happen. There are were all the people in the VBI lounge - including Lektrolab and . Also there are were all the technical staff at the Netherlands TV station NOS. Of course there is was the community. And the people from the International Film Festival Rotterdam - programmer/curator Edwin Carels [aka "Special Ed"] & our festival liason Armin Droge. And last but not least our friends at digital arts magazine SCEEN.


From the VBI Lounge:

ambientTV.NET [Manu & Mukul] - producers of the VBI lounge
ambientTV.NET was founded in London in 1999 for the conception and production of collaborative, interdisciplinary, and critical artworks, events, and media projects. The organisation has evolved from an experimental hybrid-media hub and website into a fully-fledged interdisciplinary arts production company and artist-run space in East London. The space hosts diverse events revolving around culture and new technologies, including workshops, exhibitions, performances, webcasts, concerts, screenings, and lectures. ambientTV.NET is codirected by Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel. The organisation is committed to developing a resource-efficient arts practice with a global sensibility, realised through independent, open, and locally-accented infrastructure.

Lektrolab [Emma & Paul] - artists & Microtel Station Managers
Lektrolab is a media arts company that specialises in music and sound workshops, run by Emma Davidson and Paul B. Davis and supported by a network of highly skilled musicians, DJs, VJs, video artists, programmers and new media artists. Lektrolab projects encourage people of all ages to investigate and question their relationship to technology through the creative arts. Lektrolab workshops create a progressive, non-critical learning environment, reversing the gender stereotypes often associated with electronic and audio arts. Emma Davidson - micromusic log in name Lektrogirl - is also one of the board members guiding the website There are always close links between the two organisations and cross pollinisation of ideas and energy. Paul B. Davis founded the art collective BEIGE and pioneered a new art medium by re-programming old Nintendo cartridges.

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Tina Hage - hostess at the VBI lounge
Born in Port Au Prince, Haiti and of German and Lebanese descent, Tina is a video installation artist trained at postgraduate level at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany. Prior to that, she worked in the fields of graphic design and photography in Dusseldorf. Her video works deploy a dreamy documentary style that leaves the viewer somewhere between imagination and fact. She has worked and exhibited in Germany, Australia and Belgium.

Rachel Baker - exhibiting artist and discussion host at the VBI lounge
Rachel Baker is a network artist and a key figure in the media arts scene. As member of, she was active in the field of; she has also conducted SMS-based interventions in mobile phone networks. After working in web development for the BBC, she moved to her current post as Media Arts Officer for London at the Arts Council of England. Rachel makes music with Antifamily, a band on the acclaimed independent label Difficult Fun.

The support crew from NOS

Ronald - Designer Olivier - IT help desk Rob - Technician Eugene - 2nd in Command

Without the patient help of the technicians, designers and the management of NOS the VBI ¦ Microtel project would not exist. is the Swiss based online music community founded in 1999. has a registered community of over 13,000 members. The website is a hub for these members to up and download free MP3's of original material inspired by the sounds of "obsolete" computer systems - Commodore64, Atari, Amiga etc. The community has organised itself into different HQ's across the world holding live shows, workshops, events celebrating this underground culture. For this project, the micromusic members have been invited to contribute work that reflects themselves or the micromusic scene. Check the website out here.


Where can you find out about Pokemon Mini hacking, Demos on cell phones, net labels, game art and other cool digital arts when you don't have access to the internet? Reading the latest copy of SCEEN which is dedicated to all that kind of stuff. SCEEN will be featuring content from the Microtel project on the video DVD at a later date. Check out the SCEEN website here.