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If you are a resident of the Netherlands, you will be were able to view Microtel on your TV set during 26 January - 5 February 2006 on channels 1, 2 and 3.

Internet users will be were able to view the webcast of the NOS transmission online with the following page numbers here.

Microtel Broadcast Schedule:

PAGE 450 - Title page and information
PAGE 451 - Neverending Story. 5 page story from Emma Davidson and Paul B. Davis
PAGE 452 - Public Art
PAGE 453 - Micromusic Submissions
PAGE 454 - Public Art
PAGE 455 - Microtel Blog. The hot gossip from the Microtel studio at the Witte de With.

Thurs, Jan 26
PAGE 451
PAGE 452
Ben Jones, Carola Unterberge
r-Probst, Bulldozerman, worldKit, babel
PAGE 453
drx, hello, inexpensive, andrew denmead
PAGE 454
DJ Slippers, satim, Bulldozerman, a boy and his SID, ruud van riet
Fri, Jan 27
PAGE 451
"Celebrity Big Brother"
PAGE 452
8 bit peoples feature [Snowrobot]
PAGE 453
bioxlat, monome, dispyz, poke, firestARTer
PAGE 454
Neils Brouwers, bulldozerman, Patrick Lichty, the Ye_Ti, shoddy
Sat, Jan 28
PAGE 451
"DJ Mollywood"
PAGE 452
mesaphlin, cosmic disciple, Brendan Ford, a boy and his SID, Steven Read
PAGE 453
8bit peoples, Henrik Hannebo, Linde, hello
PAGE 454
Video Home Training [NL] feature
Sun, Jan 29
PAGE 451
PAGE 452
Bodenstandig 2000 / drx [DE] feature + schmx
PAGE 453
a boy and his SID, hello, 8bit peoples, desert planet
PAGE 454
voskomo, claire chanel, Adrian Pawley, Olivier Ruellet, babel
Mon, Jan 30
PAGE 451
"Error Pages"
PAGE 452
khingKOBRA, Oscar van Offeren, Em
o, Ben Sisto
PAGE 453
Bulldozerman, hello, babel, satim
PAGE 454 [NL] feature
Tues, Jan 31
PAGE 451
"Video Games"
PAGE 452
todd shy, michael connor, twan, julian schmidt, bioxlat
PAGE 453
agam andreus, satim, andrew austin
PAGE 454
otro, liseth, cinema.NL, drx
Wed, Feb 01
PAGE 451
PAGE 452
Nicole Sante, Naan Eldering, Evert Hilhorst, Niels Engel, Oscar den Boer, Carola Unterberger-Probst
PAGE 453
Niels Brouwers, bulldozerman, babel, satim, scarey sherman
PAGE 454
han dekker, anon, Andrew Austin, Eric Parren, Jos de Ruiter
Thurs, Feb 02
PAGE 451
"5 Things I Miss From Home"
PAGE 452
yerzmyey, otro, voskomo, gyz la riviere, bruno cerfs
PAGE 453
dan tombs feature
PAGE 454
karen cham, 8bit peoples, eric parren
Fri, Feb 03
PAGE 451
PAGE 452
Rooje & Struba, Ilja Thomassen
PAGE 453
babel, bioxlat, lukas hajek, Hans Dekker
PAGE 454
Steven Read, 8bit Peoples
Sat, Feb 04
PAGE 451
"5 People from the Ambient Lounge"
PAGE 452
Chebi, Dennis Denheer, Supercarameloso, Jos de Ruiter, Andrew Austin
PAGE 453
cory arcangel [beige] feature
PAGE 454
hello, bulldozerman, poke, babel, drx
Sun, Feb 05
PAGE 451
"Back By Popular Demand "
PAGE 452
drx, niels brouwers, cosmic disciple, videohometraining, bulldozerman
PAGE 453
8bit peoples, drx, hello, a boy and his SID, carola unterberger-probst
PAGE 454
michael pilger, john vernon, lizzy haven, piratejack, wibo posthumus

We have been were sent many pages! We still want more!
Please remember to send your submissions in the correct file format we request for Cebra Text [check the technical info if you are unsure.]
Only a small selection of the submissions are shown below:

drx "freudenstadt perle des schwarzwaldes"

babel "say no to trams"

shoddy "bird flu"

bulldozerman "tv"

twan "twan is okay"

monome "shroom"

patrick lichty "schneekums the cat"

inexpensive "microdisko"

bulldozerman "howdy"

bulldozerman "hotfoot"

bioxlat "acid"

Carola Unterberger-Probst "framed3"

videohometraining "videohometraining"

videohometraining "lavalady"

videohometraining "skullman"

monome "smiley"

ruud van riet "witte de with"

neils brouwers "crack2"

willam travis hallenbeck "smopigha

babel "razzer"

babel "moma

lektrogirl "inifinite fill"

henrik hannebo "audionom"

drx "crazy frog"

babel "psq"

the Ye-Ti "monologue interieur"

A Boy and his SID

firestarter "fire1"

ben jones "california razenz tour"

a boy and his SID "sunnyday"

kittenrock "kittenrock"

drx "qt"

satim "car"

alex "toondra"

grand theft andrew "gta"

lektrogirl "circus"

paul b. davis "don't sweat the 1200's"

linde "moroder"

hello "loading"

Carola Unterberger-Probst "Framed"

lektrogirl "ima doll"

mesaphlin "zart"

lektrogirl "we deliver"

drx "scape"

adrian pawley "seeing red"

lektrogirl "diamond grills"

error32 "hackaday"

drx "pika"

hello "world"

linde "google"

lektrogirl "kiss me"

mesaphlin "nois 3"

worldKit "usanotxt"

hello "micro"

drx "Adobe" from the series "The Four Horsemen"

taz "van dieman's land"

paul billie jean davis "my lover"

paul b. davis "da message"

lektrogirl "mollywood and henrik"

mondrian "studio line by l'oreal"