The HTML tag <IMG> will work in any text box on myspace so you can use it to decorate your own page or
put an embarrassing end of the party picture of your best friend at their last birthday in the comments box.

In your myspace account go to EDIT PROFILE or ADD COMMENT. In the text box where you add info to your profile or comment for your friend, type in the following information [except use the URL for your image instead of the example information].

the code
<img src="http://www.somewebsite.com/somefolder/someimage.jpg">

You MUST make sure you include every < = " > as this is all part of the HTML. Your code won't work if you miss these parts out.

To insert a picture on myspace, the picture you wish to insert has to be online already, meaning: the image needs to be sitting somewhere on the internet with it's own URL. The URL looks something like this, and you will need to know ALL of it.

an example of what a URL for an image will look like. It could also end with .jpeg .gif .bmp or .png

To get this URL information, you have two options. You can either hotlink the image from someone elses website ["borrow" the URL] or upload the image to your own webspace.

Hotlinking the URL
Mac users

1. Put your cursor over the image you want to use
2. Press the CTRL button on your keyboard and hold
3. Click mouose button
4. From the floating menu, select "Open image in a new window"
5. Copy URL in the new browser window of your image
6. Paste URL into your <img> tag

PC users

1. Put your cursor over the image you want to use.
2. Right click
3. Choose "Properties" from the floating menu that appears
4. the "Properties" window opens
5. Copy the URL to your clipboard
6. Paste the URL into your <img> code

The trouble with hotlinking is the owner of this image may move or remove the image one day. Then your hotlink won't work any more. Your HTML will be pointing to nothing.

Putting your own photo online

There are some good websites where you can put your own photos of parties, friends playing playstation and sports championships so you don't need to buy your own webspace. Basically these are services that allow you to make an online photoalbum. From these photoalbums, you can then hotlink the URL. A popular online photo album is http://www.photobucket.com
You will need to register and follow the steps from the website to upload your pictures. Once you have the picture uploaded you want to use, photobucket even gives you the URL to copy and paste into your <img> tag! Too easy!

a screenshot from the photobucket album: