Navigating through MySpace, Da Myspace Hustlerz have noticed what we believe to be a specific communication developing between large numbers of MySpace users. Amongst all the pictures dropped in comment boxes of stoned party peeps, fat kids and karate kittens are enough reoccuring symbols to suggest a MySpace dialect of Olia Lialina's larger "web vernacular". In the MySpace dialect, for example glitters are more positive than fractals and a hot "Thanks for the Add" becomes more than a social calling card: it opens the door for a later "Dropping by to Show Sum Luv" comment. Exactly how much love is that? Maybe one could guess from the images included in the subsequently Dropped Luv: glitter lips or perhaps a half naked angel in a cocktail glass. Also popular are ASCII greetings, beautiful in their own right but also are of interest as they show how the MySpace dialect retains elements of older communication systems. And just like any language, if you can speak it well, i.e. if your use of the MySpace dialect is particularly HOTT, your social interactions are more robust with the added MySpace bonus of attracting more traffic to your own myspace profile and setting the stage for real-world pimping.


Glitters are a type of animated .gif that are common as page decoration or "Thanks for the Add!" comments on myspace. There are a zillion websites that generate Glitters with your own comments, other websites that are catalogues of images with HTML to COPY and PASTE where you want or if you want to get super professional, you can even make your own Glitters. To make a Glitter, you need to use a software called PSP [Paint Shop Pro] and there are whole web rings dedicated to the art of Glitters.

here are some examples of glitters in effect:
Glitters are the new fractals.

Here are some links for Glitters tutorials:
PSP on the move - even without PSP you will be able to understand the amount of work that goes into creating glitters.
EZ Animated glitter - gives it up, but doesn't have as many glitters as one would expect for a glitter tut.

Auburn Angels Doll Bodies - Glitter doll tutorial shows how to colour in areas of a design with glitters and not just make tiles.
Glitter Font Tutorial - Yuppers, Bemymind shows how to glitter fonts in PSP, ROLF
All that Glitters - These aren't animated so they aren't true Glitters, but this is how to make gold text with Ulead PhotoImpact 6

Here are some links for Glitters generators:
Glitter Text Editor - write your name in Glitters

Glitter Word Generator - Mariah Carey got her album title inspiration from somewhere.

Here are some hot libraries with images using Glitters:
Tatty Collector - a LOT of bears. Check the Globes.


When someone accepts your friendship request on myspace, it is customary in some circles to then add a comment on your new friends profile saying "Thanks for the Add!" Some people have also flipped it and will now post "Thanks for the request!" Usually, people make their own images with pictures of themselves or their bands, however there are generic "Thanks for the Add" .gifs available.

this guy is thanking you for adding him as your MySpace friend:

My Glitter Romance - a really great site with a wide Comment Graphics for using in myspace.
Myspace Glitter - another nutter made a site with a variety of available scripts for posting comments in myspace.
thanks Anita Lixel for showin' sum luv and sending those links.


This is a particular kind of comment left for myspace users by their friends with varying degrees of "luv". It is like saying Yo!! / wassup!!! / How you Hanging?!

here are some typical examples:

Myspace Tool Box - scripts for Showing Some Luvs to "Add Comment" on your buddies myspace profile.


This is another form of frequently occuring comment. Yo you youyu yoy yyoyoyooyoyoyoyoy.

here are some typical examples:  
Thanks for any and all support!
A lucky star dropped on earth 1 night, and it asked me "what do u want?a million dollars, or a true friend?". I chose a million dollars.....because i already got you.
*Send this to 20 of ur true friends of my space, If u get this back ur a true friend

000000000000000 000000000000000
000_______*TRUE FRIEND*___ _000
000000 __________________ 000000

This ASCII comment was ripped straight from someone's myspace profile. Upon reading and reflection, this "Thanks for any and all support!" sounds a bit desperate.