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CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheet
s. CSS is a simple mechanism to add style [eg fonts, colours, spacing, borders, how links behave with your cursor over them] to your webpage. When you see a myspace page with crazy colours and borders it is done with a CSS.

here are some examples from real myspace pages showing what CSS do:
you can click on each image to view the original myspace page.

The bummer about CSS is that they can behave differently in different browser windows. For example, you can program a dotted border with CSS [like the third example above] and it will appear as dots in Internet Explorer, but in Mozilla Firefox, it will appear as blocks. But for the most part, you can make something pretty rah-ja-ja that will work in all browser windows. Also a CSS affects ALL the style across a whole myspace page, not just table by table so for example all the boarders will be green dashes if you make a CSS script for your myspace page, you can't do half and half.


Yep it can be pretty confusing.
There are two options for personalising your myspace page with CSS. Firstly, there are a lot of online myspace CSS generators and you can tick a bunch of boxes and the site will generate your code. Check this list of CSS generators below. Or you can have a go at writing some yourself - which gives a greater sense of personal acheivement. Either way, then all you have to do is paste or type your CSS into one of the text fields for your myspace profile - like in "About Me" or something. Putting a CSS script as a comment for a friend in "Add Comment" is not only morally wrong, but it doesn't work anyway.

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