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Welcome to Our Homepage!

We are DA MYSPACE HUSTLERZ, u might also know us as Miss Italic and DJ Bold from cult underground band The Fonts. Basically we were asked to present some art for the Sonar 2006 festival in Barcelona and we decided to do 2 things - one is use the celebrated new media art skills that got us 1st Place in the "$1000 Homepage Competition" to make the most bangin-est myspace page of all time and the other is show all u dudes HOW 2 B LIKE US!!!

This Homepage Shares with you some secrets from Da Myspace Hustlerz

To create pages like Da Myspace Hustlerz you will use some hot links, HTML, CSS [Cascading Style Sheets] and also learn how to rip code from other peoples pages to add it to your own myspace profile. DON'T SWITCH OFF NOW!! If you can COPY + PASTE you can pimp your page to perfection. Maybe you are like "wait, style sheets were cool in like 1999" but actually they were cool in 1999 so don't worry about it. Let's go!

Get in where you fit in!

Also note that all the information here will be applicable to your own homepage design, not just your MySpace page. This is very important becase at the end of the summer MySpace will totally be over, but the secrets you learn from us can stay with you for the rest of your life.

As you read through you will see boxes with solid green or red borders. The green boxes show the code you should type in when editing your myspace profile. The red box shows how myspace and your browser will read and display that code

There will be some example of code written in the green box to try out. You use this information in the text fields like "About Me", "Interests" etc or even in "Add Comments" for your friends.
In the red box, once you have saved the changes you have made when editing your myspace profile, this is how the browser will display the code on your "View Profile" page.